A Philadelphia Conversation of Community Leaders with National Faith and Blue Weekend sponosors: Wrap Technologies

After the tragic shooting of Walter Wallace, Jr. by Philadelphia Police Officers a few weeks ago, the nation saw the continued need and urgency for changes in policing.  After this and countless other police-involved events leading to loss of life, law enforcement leaders across the country recognize the need to redress policing practices and procedures. 

Last month, working in partnership with every national law enforcement organization in the nation, a multitude of different religions, and communities nationwide, our Inaugural National Faith & Blue Weekend was launched.  One of the sponsors of that effort was Wrap Technologies, maker of the BolaWrap, an innovative new non-lethal technology that has the potential to save lives.  

Individuals who are in mental crisis or drug-impaired are often incapable of comprehending and acting on police commands. When put into a stressful scenario, these individuals at times do not have the wherewithal to respond accordingly. BolaWrap, when deployed by a law enforcement officer, safely and humanely restrains resisting subjects who are experiencing a crisis.  The BolaWrap solution works without inflicting pain or harming the subject.  

Last week, in Philadelphia, PA, faith and community leaders attended a meeting with Reverend Markel Hutchins and Tom Smith, the co-founder of Taser International and current President & CEO of Wrap Technologies, to learn about the BolaWrap and see it in action in order to become familiar with an alternative tool that their local law enforcement could put into use in order to help protect their citizens.  https://youtu.be/prsgQo1oyyI

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