Why Faith?

Faith is a pillar of both National Faith and Blue Weekend and One Congregation One Precinct (OneCOP), and that is by design. Although these programs are not religious, they engage an unparalleled community resource.

There are over 350,000 houses of worship across the country, and together they engage 65 million congregants in weekly observance. These houses of worship are in large cities and small towns, in every state from coast to coast, and collectively they represent the diverse canvass of our country. So when we design programming that seeks to facilitate connections between law enforcement and the residents they protect and serve – faith stands out. It offers a front door through which you can engage the community, directly leading to improvements in public safety and to positive interactions.

But more than that, faith speaks to matters of the heart. No matter what religious background you have, or if you come from a place of humanism, it is a belief in that which is larger than us that can help us perceive what unites. At a time of increased polarization, coming together offers a different pathway; a reformation in the relational. We hope you will join us in this work to create new connections, starting with the 2020 National Faith and Blue Weekend.

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