MovementForward, Inc. is a modern, inclusive social change organization working to protect, promote and advance the civil and human rights of all people. We are building a multiracial, multifaceted and intergenerational movement for social justice, economic parity, educational equity, racial reconciliation and global peace by bringing diverse people together to solve problems. Founded in 2015 by emerging faith leaders in Atlanta, MFI provides this generation of Americans a conciliatory voice to offer programs, projects, activism, empowerment opportunities, and targeted issue campaigns to advocate for one standard of justice regardless of race, class, gender, religion, orientation or immigration status.

MovementForward, Inc. provides innovative, inclusive, and solution-focused direct action, leadership development, ongoing programs, special projects, educational forums, community meetings and other strategic advocacy initiatives for civil and human rights, racial reconciliation, social justice, civic and cultural development, peace, and economic and educational parity. 

“This organization is taking the important work of the Civil Rights Movement and moving it forward. Forward into new generations and dimensions. Forward into a technological and digital age. Forward into shared ownership by all segments of society. Forward out of traditional optics, descriptions, definitions and divisions that thwart cohesiveness around people’s shared values. Forward into an era where executives and students and celebrities and everyday citizens alike will all view themselves as advocates for positive social change.”

Rev. Markel Hutchins

Our Work

In addition to our flagship initiative, OneCOP, MovementForward operates a multitude of other programs and initiatives

Direct Action Advocacy

In an effort to afford effective, unifying and conciliatory advocacy, MFI responds to public crises involving civil and human rights matters. The primary focus of our activism is to give voice to the voiceless by bringing public attention to injustices while also promulgating lasting solutions to potentially divisive controversies.

Freedom Rides

The “Freedom Rides” Prison Industrial Complex Initiative takes students, community leaders, clerics, scholars, governmental officials and journalists on educational and research visits to various correctional facilities for the purpose of increasing public awareness regarding our nation’s prison industrial complex.

Torch Awards & Gala

Held annually in April to mark the anniversary of the death of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., honors women and men who carry the “Torch” of leadership in their respective fields of work by advancing Dr. King’s principles and legacy. During the inaugural event slated for April 2020, the Torch Awards will be presented by well-known, historic civil rights luminaries who have long committed themselves to social justice, fairness and racial harmony. Sponsored by various major corporations and other businesses, this is MFI’s primary event fundraiser.

Community Conversations

Inspiring motivational discussions that bring together thought leaders, community volunteers, students, and other civic leaders for empowering discussions and strategy sessions around a given subject matter that may then lead to collaborative efforts and targeted projects.

Crisis Intervention

The Crisis Intervention Team is comprised of trained MovementForward, Inc. affiliated leaders, crisis intervention experts, and other respected citizens who work in tandem with neighborhood, civic and governmental leaders to craft strategic, targeted responses to specific controversial and potentially riotous incidents that arise where someone’s civil or human rights may have been violated so as to insure peace and civility amongst local denizens.

Forward Faith Forum

As faith is an essential part of the lives of many Americans, our Forward Faith Forums combine inclusive and interfaith theology with social justice to effect progressive economic, educational, and social policy. The forums are full of personal and business development opportunities, music and artistry, inspiration and fellowship. These ongoing "rallies" are spiritually inspiring, politically enlightening, and socially engaging forums held every Saturday morning.

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What We Believe

Our mission is to finish the work of building the "Beloved Community" envisioned by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. by providing innovative, inclusive and solution-focused advocacy via another generation of change agents who are committed to the peaceful, nonviolent tradition of social activism. MFI’s goal is to engage people of every race, class, professional sector and ideology in the continuing struggle for social justice, peace and equality.

Our Current Projects

Atlanta Skyline

OneCOP Atlanta

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OneCOP Portland

The launch event in Portland was held on January 17th, 2019, following a wildly successful...


OneCOP Indianapolis

On August 28th, 2018, OneCOP held a launch event in Indianapolis with support from the...