Law Enforcement and Public Views

The public dynamic can hold their views and perceptions very differently towards law enforcement, especially with much of what has been catapulted into the public forum from media outlets. Depending on socio-economic background, race and political affiliation, there are stark contrasts with how society feels towards their local law enforcement officials. This variance can be difficult for officers in many ways, whether that be individuals not reporting crimes they have witnessed or “anit-cop” sentiments. This, in turn, makes it difficult for law enforcement to do their jobs effectively and safely.

Therefore, building trust and confidence within communities is so imperative where these types of attitudes have surfaced and is crucial when tackling the gap. Not only does programming, such as our OneCOP initiative, help to combat these feelings, but also allows us to figure out what communities think about the police in their area, which helps their police departments and lawmakers craft policies to improve these public relations.

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