Why Human Rights

Human rights are not a new concept – they take us back to the very ethics that underpin ancient law and religion. Moreover, ethics across societies are not dissimilar, as most speak to the fundamental rights of individuals and the responsibilities of those that govern. These rights include religion, self-expression, representation, safety, and due process.

Perhaps the most significant challenge to the enfranchisement of human rights has been their unequal implementation throughout history. The fact is that governing bodies have almost always allocated certain rights to some segments of the population, such as by race or gender, while denying them to others. This approach is not only unjust, but it is also dangerous and limiting. It is unjust because all people have a core humanity that is fundamentally and equally worthy of protection; it is dangerous because when one group is treated unjustly, other groups can become vulnerable; and it is limiting because when people are unable to fully realize their individuality and their potential, they cannot make their full contributions to society.

At MovementForward, Inc., we believe that the inherent dignity of each person is worth protection as a principle and because doing so creates stronger, more inclusive communities and societies. We are proud to work on this cause and hope that you will join us in this effort.

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